Glasgow Smiles Better (even when its raining a wee bit)

Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club,  formed earlier this year, held their first ever regatta on Saturday 24 September, with seven skiffs including visitors from Eskmouthe,  Anstruther, Carrick, Port Seton (Boatie Blest), Greenock (Royal West) and Largs (Firth of Clyde).  Thanks to Ewan Kennedy for the following report:


On behalf of GCRC I would like to thank all visiting clubs for taking part yesterday and affirming that Skiffies can make the best of the most appalling weather. Scottish Coastal Rowing demonstrated once again that our communities do not need to be told from on high how to have fun, keep fit and be safe. The forecast on the day offered strong winds peaking at around 1000, backing WSW and moderating as the day went on, with occasional gusts. In the event they peaked at 0900, when the wind was a steady 22mph and a gust of 47mph was recorded. During racing winds over Glasgow were Southerly 11 ­-15 mph, with frequent gusts 31-­ 33mph. At river level however speeds were very much less with the wide stretch at the upper end of the course most affected and the starting area very sheltered. The sheltered location plus the current lack of traffic on the river, with PS Waverley and occasionally MV Balmoral the only large users, make the upper reach from Glenlee ideal. The stern deckhouse gave Eva Bolander and me a nice dry place to keep our notes and the tooter dry, while providing visiting tots and their Mums with items of interest.


We had intended to restrict entries to six clubs, but couldn’t refuse when Anstruther applied. What a mistake ­ see the annexed results! The start line at the Glenlee was quite short, so we started skiffs in groups and recorded times.This worked well, thanks to expert coxing all round, for which our most grateful thanks.


The course up and down river should probably be changed in future, once GCRC has resources to acquire our own Tomatoes. I think spectators would benefit from a big wide track up to the North Pumphouse (site of the new distillery!), across river and down again. Yesterday of course the rain kept them away anyway. Finally, huge thanks to Ben Duffin and all at Galgael, Anchor and Sail Trust, staff at Glenlee and most of all to Emma McIntyre for doing the organising for us, no easy task in a city event.


Full  results can be found here.  Well done to all those who took part.  Prize for dealing with adversity goes to Eskmouthe for completing their race after fishing their delaminated rudder out of the Clyde.  Photos are from Scottish Coastal Rowing Facebook Group and from the Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club Facebook Page.

Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club is a growing club, with a warm and welcoming members.     For all the information about Urban Coastal Rowing and how to join in, see their website.

  1. #1 by Topher Dawson on 25 September 2016 - 10:49 am

    Well done GCRC for organising and running an event in such difficult weather, and heroic efforts from the skiffs crews present! Especially since a nearby event had to be cancelled.

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