Measurement Rules Update September 2016

Thank you to all those who have made submissions with regard to the current measurement rules.  You will have seen that we have already adjusted some of the rules of racing, reflecting some of the comments that have come out of the review, in particular with regard to enforcement of the rules.

There are two issues which have been raised by a few people, which concern the interpretation of the rules.   We are looking at redrafting some of the rules, but in the meantime, and from this point forward please can all skiff builders, rowers, and regatta organisers interpret these rules as follows:

Rule 4.3  Rudder area.  The area specified of  850 cm² is intended to refer to one side of the rudder, not both.  That is the measurement is going to be taken of the profile area.  It is intended as a minimum.  Skiffs must have at least that area under the water.

Rule 7.1  Material for oars.  Oars should be made of wood, not metal.  Metal counter weights, although admittedly used by several clubs in the past, should be regarded as not permitted and falling outwith the rule.  It is of note that those clubs that have tried this system have invariably moved on from it in any case.  Counter weighting does not give an advantage, but if clubs never the less wish to persist with the concept, they can use wooden counter weighting methods.  If anyone requires an exemption certificate to allow them to keep rowing, please contact the SCRA or your local skiff association (eg DCRA in NI).

We are going to bring a motion to the SCRA AGM to discuss whether we should work internationally to narrow the rules to make kit used by clubs more standard.  New entrants to the sport are almost certainly bamboozled by the variety of oarlocks and oars.

  1. #1 by Maddy on 30 September 2016 - 3:31 pm

    Hi there, with regard to the motion at the SCRA AGM, I realise it is the ‘Scottish’ association, but as this affects clubs worldwide, will other non Scottish clubs have any influence on the motion?

  2. #2 by Robbie on 30 September 2016 - 4:07 pm

    The motion (see agm post) specifically calls for international action: “St Ayles Skiffs have a great variety of oars and oarlock systems and feedback to the committee on balance shows a desire to move towards a more tightly specified design so that all rowers are competing with the same effective equipment. We propose that an international group be set up, to consult widely and propose a common design for oars and oarlocks, to be trialled over the 2017 season with a view to reporting on any recommendations (including recommendations for any transitional arrangements) to National Associations by October 2017.” So yes, we recognise that we need to work internationally on this,but the motion itself is a motion at the AGM of the SCRA.

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