A New Class is Born: SCRA Picnic Class Races at the Freshwaters

A new racing class was introduced this year.  The SCRA picnic class is a fairly open class of one person rowing boat.  Thank you to Jon Gerrard of Boatie Blest for sharing all the photos in this post to the SCRA Facebook Group.


The front of the field featured the longer narrower, lighter boats…. Topher Dawson of Ullapool in the foreground built this Paul Gartside Flashboat “Splinter”


The class rules allow for any material for hull and oars, although overall length is restricted to 5 metres, and sliding seats and out riggers are not permitted.  Stability is tested by having the rower stand up and turn round.  The boats are not intended to be out and out racers, as they must be capable of carrying a passenger and a picnic.  Do please start building for next year’s event!  If numbers allow we may have one race for sleek boats, and one race for those built a bit more for comfort.

There was a fair variety among the five boats that turned up for the racing, with Ullapool CRC being victorious in both the men’s and the women’s race, and thus winning the magnificent new trophy.  After the racing  owners kindly let other skiffies have plenty of shotties in the peedie boats with the very fine conditions that we were enjoying.



Elizabeth Cowan of North Berwick raced a GRP version of a “Shetland Maid”



Andres Leslie of RowPorty built and raced his Drake 17 “Pascaul”. She can be rowed by one or two rowers, and handles the seas off Portobello very well.



Not all the boats were brand new. Adam Graham raced one of Royal West’s historic “sixteens”.



Ben Duffin of Galgael was lead on a team building this beautiful copper fastened 10 foot dinghy “Annie B”, and raced it in the Men’s race for Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club



Picnic Stability Test:  Passed

Picnic Stability Test: Passed

  1. #1 by Ben Duffin on 2 November 2016 - 10:12 am

    What a great start to a new class, I certainly had plenty fun rowing about all day. Hopefully some folk were inspired to get building something for themselves, I know I’ve got some ideas to try and catch Topher next year!

    I think the length is limited to 5 meters rather than 6 though, at least thats what the class rules say!

  2. #2 by Robbie on 3 November 2016 - 11:01 am

    Glad you enjoyed it Ben. Sorry, you are quite right, 5m not 6m. Post updated (and read the full measurement rules before you start planning a new boat!).

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