What a stunning day we had as Guests of Loch Tummel Sailing Club for the SCRA Freshwater Sprints, sponsored by Kari-tek:  purveyors of very fine St Ayles Skiff Road Trailers.  Members of at least 36 SCRA clubs were present for the event, which was organised into regional teams.   Rowers had traveled from all corners to attend this reasonably central location, including those travelling from Orkney, Lewis, North Uist, Islay, Norfolk and Langstane.

Twenty one races were squezzed into the day, including two picnic class races, and a sailing club challenge race.  We had a new winner for the Championship Shield:  North East region took  the trophy for the first time ahead of South East, two times previous winners.

See the full table of results, if only to work out what could have been.  All photos are from the An Eathar facebook page.




Thank you again to Loch Tummel Sailing Club for being fabulous and welcoming hosts (who really know how to put on a spread too) and to Kari-tek for their continued support of this event.


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