We had some fantastic entries to the SCRA cruising log competition this year.  Isle of Mull produced the eventual winners, who received their magnificent trophy at Loch Tummell.  However all the enties were very much appreciated, and all of them amuse, impress and inspire, so we intend to publish links to them all.  Please be sure to read them and share them to keep you happy during these dark winter nights.

First of all we have two entries from Amble Coastal Rowing Club, both penned by Bryan Miller, and both published primarily on facebook.  The Amble FB page is most effeminately worth a “like”, full of fun and friendship.  So please like and share  “Travellers Tales – Treasure Island”  (Describing a voyage in company with Whitburn and Luing, in and around the Island of Luing,  and Amble at  Eskmuthe Regatta…….(which describes participation in the rowing of the marches at Mussleburgh.)  .  Start to plan your own adventures for next year.

Photos are from the Amble CRC FB page, and accompany the written word.







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