Skiff Kit Prices

This is a message that I would rather not be having to give, but circumstances force the issue.

The marine plywood used for the St Ayles kits is produced within the Eurozone, and as you will be aware, the value of Sterling has dropped considerably recently. Robbins Timber, the suppliers, have informed me that the price of the plywood will be rising by approximately 15% from the 1st of December. There has also been a small rise in the cost of the Construction ply used for the moulds.

The result of this rise is that the costs of the kits will increase accordingly, with the full kit now £1787, and the plank and frame kit £1399. I have already been in touch with clubs and groups that I am aware are close to being ready to order, but there may be others who are on the cusp of purchasing a kit who are yet to contact us.

To purchase a kit at the old prices of £1698 for the full kit and £1314 for the plank and frame kit, we must receive payment by close of business on Monday 28 November so that the plywood can be ordered before Robbins price rise takes effect.

For anyone who is considering ordering any of the Picnic class boats kits that we produce, there will also be price rises, and the same payment deadline will apply.

My apologies for being the bearer of bad news on this occasion, but there is ample good news in the pipeline which I will post as it is confirmed.

Alec Jordan
Jordan Boats & CNC Ltd

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