Travel Grant to USA for Skiffie Educators

The Teaching with Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) is a collaboration of educators and programs in the USA that teach maths, science and other essential skills through the process of boat building.
The Alliance holds a biennial conference, that next year will fall on April 27-29 in St Michaels, Maryland, about 80 miles from Washington DC.

One of the speakers at the conference is Rich Eisenberg, the Executive Director of Bayfront Maritime Centre in Erie Pennsylvania where two St Ayles Skiffs have been built. He will be speaking about BMC’s experience with the St Ayles, and the current plan is to hold a panel discussion on multi-oared rowing boats.

I had met the people from the TWSBA a few years ago at Mystic at the time we ran the first St Ayles races in the US. I was fascinated by the way that they had tied the multifarious elements of building a boat to the US Schools curriculum, associating dry academic items to real-world questions in the design and building of small boats – to my mind an essential and very often ignored element in the education of students who are not so hot on learning for learning’s sake (like me!). I strongly believe that the TWSBA has much to offer Skiff building in an educational context in the UK.

Additionally, I have long felt that there have been insufficient links with the Skiffies in North America. To my knowledge (and I hope I am wrong), there has only been one visitor from the UK (apart from myself) to any of the North American Skiffie groups. Attendance at this conference will help initiate personal links with North American Skiffie Groups.

Jordan Boats is pleased to offer a grant to pay for the flight to the USA and the Conference Fee for one attendee. We will also consider some assistance to other individuals who wish to attend the conference.

In order that the air fares are kept to a minimum, applications are invited with a deadline of 12 noon GMT on the 7th of December. The decision on the award will be taken within seven days, and the successful applicant(s) notified by the 14th of December.

To apply for the grant, please send us a short application stating:

Your current educational post

A summary of your experience with the St Ayles Skiff in an educational setting

How you believe your educational work will benefit from attending the conference and how it can benefit other members of St Ayles Skiff communities.

The application should be a minimum of 300 words, and not exceed 1000 words.

There will be some Terms and Conditions attached to the grant which I will publish before the deadline for applications. These will not be onerous.

Please send your application to We will look forward to reading them.

Alec Jordan

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