NEW! SCRA Rules of Racing 2017 Edition

The committee of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association has approved the 2017 Edition of the SCRA Rules of Racing .   See also the Shared Buoy Turn Guidance.  The Freshwater Sprints were run using the 2017 rules and all seemed to go well.  Clubs should start to use the 2017 Rules for their own open events from now onwards.

The 2017 rules make certain additions and revisions to the previous iteration including:

5.4.7:  Revised explanation of First (“A”) crews and Second (“B”) crews.
5.5  With regard to Gender the rules codify  a decision that was made in advance of the 2013 worlds that rowers will race in the gender in which they live in their community.
10.9:  Introduction of a fixed time penalty  for transgression of measurement rules in certain circumstances, rather than straight disqualification, provided safety is not compromised.
12.  Support vessels.  Support craft should carry at least the same safety equipment as skiffs and should be in contact through VHF radio.
There are minor amendments to the start procedure, and clarification that a PFD can be either a lifejacket or a buoyancy aid.
Please do have a read through the new rules and encourage all your clubmates to do the same.   It is helpful if everyone…  rowers, coxes, regatta organisers, umpires and supporters all know what is in them!



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