North West News

Our roving SCRA treasurer Topher Dawson has been out on a bummel round Wester Ross, and has had the good fortune to drop by on two new groups of skiff builders.  Firstly he visited Lochcarron where he saw the second garboard being put on to the villages first skiff.  LochCarron Coastal Rowing Association are lucky enough to be building in a comfortable double garage attached to the manse.


Lochcarron Hog


Lochcarron Garboard Number 1


Applecross are also very keen to get on with their build! They have ordered the kit and we undertand are collecting it this week. They have not yet sourced the timber or glue but they have sourced a splendid build space, being a lovely large poly tunnel which used to be a restaurant, heated by a community hydro plant.  Luxury!

Welcome and good luck to the new builders in the North West.

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