North Youth Regatta Circuit- Deveron and Portsoy 1 April 2017

The Notice of Race  has now been issued for the Deveron and Portsoy Youth Regatta on 1 April 2017.

Please do try to give your junior rowers the opportunity to race in the first SCRA youth circuit regatta, being held at Portsoy on 1 April 2017.  Use the On line Entry Form to enter your crews, once you have read the notice of race.  The closing date for entries is 25 March 2017, but it would cheer the organisers up no end to hear from you before then!  Although designated as part of the North Circuit, entries will be accepted from clubs  from all corners.  The regatta is suitable for newcomers to the sport, and there is still time to practice!  Accommodation has been reserved and there will be a social event as well as the racing.


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