Portsoy Deveron Youth Regatta 2017

The Deveron/Portsoy Youth Regatta took place on Saturday the 1st of April in Portsoy and was a brilliant success. Young rowers came down from Avoch, Ullapool and Burghead for a great day of racing.

The teams competed on a 1k course and throughout the day volunteers had the opportunity to shadow umpires and help out on the safety boats. If any clubs were short of a couple of crew, other clubs were happy to jump in and fill up the empty seats


.At the end of the day, the scratch racing meant everyone had an opportunity to row and even the older generations had a chance to row.  The day was great all round and all clubs went home with some medals to show for it and was a great start to the 2017 youth regatta series.  Many thanks to all those who worked hard to make the event a success.  The next Youth Regatta is at North Berwick on 18 June.  The next event on the North Youth Circuit is Ullapool on 8/ 9 July.



Race Deveron  Ullapool Avoch
Women’s U17 7:10 8.03 6:57
Mixed U19 6:49 6:43 6:52
Mixed U100 6:41 6:35 6:44
Men’s U19 6:21 6:28 6:40
Women’s U19 7:20 7:13 7:04
Mixed U17 6:31 6:39 n/a
Mixed Scratch 6:43 7:06 6:17
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