Monaco of Scottish Coastal Rowing at Port Seton

Boatie Blest rowing club held their annual regatta at Port Seton harbour on Saturday the 8th of April. The day was a great success with beautiful sunny weather to complement the races. Boatie Blest were delighted to host five other Scottish Coastal Rowing clubs from North Berwick, Eskmuthe, Broughty Ferry, St. Ayles and Row Porty. The sprint races involved two competing boats simultaneously racing against each other in a pursuit-style lap of Port Seton harbour. This style of race was particularly exciting for spectators as they were able to watch two competing boats racing towards the finish line, with some very close calls throughout the day.

The annual Cockenzie vs Port Seton race kicked of the regatta with participants names drawn from a hat. This year Port Seton added to previous results to make the score 5-1. The course this year included two extra buoys on one of the turns. These buoys carried a 5 second time penalty if the boat’s oars hit or 10 seconds if the hull touched them. This meant competitors had to make tight turns to avoid getting a time penalty. Only two boats got a penalty all day which marked a good day for the coxswains, aided by the light winds and calm seas.

The relay race has become a favourite of many clubs attending the regatta where the boats set off from Port Seton to Cockenzie and at Cockenzie it meets its running crew members who quickly change on the beach. The original rowing crew then run back to the start at Port Seton and the first team with all 9 members back on the beach are crowned winner. This year that prize was claimed by North Berwick, who dominated the race on the water from the start, got in early and changed crews swiftly in front of Broughty Ferry, the North Berwick runners were swiftly back to Port Seton to meet their boat home. Broughty Ferry managed to stay clear of trouble and obstructions and ran a good race and sealed the 2nd place. Boatie Blest managed to fend off Anstruther on the first rowing leg but were beaten rowing back as Anstruther quickly charged down and almost caught Broughty Ferry for second. The efforts of the Boatie Blest runners on the way back did manage to secure the third place in front of Anstruther despite the heroic efforts of Anstruther on the water. Portobello and Eskmuthe battled it out for 5th and 6th, with both crews very close at the beaches at both locations and Porty narrowly squeezing the 5th place.

The sprint finals were competed by the following clubs:

Mixed Novice – Boatie Blest (1st) vs Row Porty (2nd)

Mixed under 45s – Anstruther (2nd) vs Broughty Ferry (1st)

Mixed Intermediate – Boatie Blest (1st) vs North Berwick (2nd)

Mixed Open – Boatie Blest (1st) vs Broughty Ferry (2nd)

Womens 45+ – Boatie Blest (2nd) vs North Berwick (1st)

Mens 45+ – North Berwick (2nd) vs Boatie Blest (1st)

The full results are below (times in seconds)

results doc

The overall prize went to the club with the fastest time to complete all 6 laps of “The Monaco of Scottish Coastal Rowing” which in a time of 886.5 seconds ( 14mins 46.5 seconds) was Boatie Blest. The runner-up was Broughty Ferry with an overall time of 912 seconds (15 mins 12 seconds).

Boatie Blest would like to thank all the rowing clubs who attended on the day, all the people who helped out and the members of the public who came along to watch the races and enjoy the fantastic food made by the Boatie Bakers. Whilst the weather may have helped, it was the people who made the day such a roaring success. We welcome you all back in 2018!

Many thanks to Vicky from VF Photography for the use of her stunning photos!

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