Registration Documents Being Issued to All Skiffs

The Scottish Fisheries Museum, who commissioned the design of the St Ayles Skiff from Ian Oughtred at the suggestion of Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats and started the “Scottish Coastal Rowing Project” to encourage local communities to become involved in boat building and coastal rowing, with his considerable assistance are kindly providing registration stickers for every St Ayles skiff that has been completed. The stickers have now arrived and are ready to be distributed to all Clubs, internationally. All clubs can find their registered number on the SCRA craft register.  This is the number which should be displayed in the bow of the boat if so required by a regatta organiser.  Many skiffs have this registration number permanantly marked on their bow.  (Note that it will be different from the kit number, issued by the kit manufacturer when the kit is purchased).

UK skiffs are all numbered together consecutively from completion.  There are separate sub-registers for Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  The Australian register is now kept up to date by the St Ayles Skiff Community Rowing Association of Australia.

Excitingly we are about to see the launch of the 200th skiff.  SCRA will issue each skiff with it’s registered craft number  which should be attached to the inside of the skiff on the starboard side of bow.  The photo above shows Captain Babs Elliott and Vice-Captain Bruce Dryburgh from St Ayles RC in Anstruther positioning the number 00 to the prototype skiff, Chris o’Kanaird.

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