Porty Regatta Fun 2017

Skiffs from around the Firth of Forth gathered on Portobello beach on Saturday 10th June for their (almost) annual Regatta.  Furthest away was St Andrews, but also in attendance were St Ayles (Anster), Boatie Blest (C&PS), Dunbar, Eastern, Eskmuthe, Newhaven and North Berwick.  It started off with gazebos being used for rain and ended up with them being used to escape the lovely sunshine.  With the tide incoming, the races kicked off with the Novice category and the gold medal going to a delighted and worthy Eskmuthe team.

This was followed by the three 60+ categories, winners being North Berwick in the women’s and men’s race with Anstruther claiming gold for the mixed 60 category.  Before the lunchbreak and with the tide making the course slightly longer each race it was time for the 45+ men’s race.  This was won again by North Berwick but after the break the 45+ women’s gold went to Anstruther and the 45 + mixed gold going to Eastern.

The final ‘serious’ racing was the hotly contested open categories.  Triumphant men were Boatie Blest and women were Anstruther, with Boatie Blest also taking the mixed open category.





There was then an ‘inter-club’ race where Andy Jarvis was commemorated by the rowers in true Andy style.  Four members from each club were assigned a different skiff to undertake the penultimate race of the day.  The winning team rowed to victory in ‘Sandbay Century’ the skiff belonging to  St Andrews club with rowers from North Berwick, Eastern, Eskmuthe and St Andrews.

Finally there was a relay race, involving an individual painted fish.  Anything can happen during this, and usually does as it involves two crews racing one leg each, changing on the beach after the first leg, along with lifejackets and a “quick” spin round of the skiff and then the second leg which after hitting the beach, the cox had to race up to the prom wall, with the painted fish, to claim the prize.

Boatie Blest were the victors and received the Bendit cup.  Jonathan Bendit was the founder member of Portobello Sailing & Kayaking Club and the cup was presented by his eldest son, Sam. The race was sponsored by the Espy pub.

Results can be seen here, overall joint winners of the day being St Ayles and North Berwick (not counting inter-club points):

Thanks to all at Rowporty and PSKC for being excellent hosts, again keeping everyone fuelled with fabulous filled rolls, soup and cakes to die for.  Special thanks to the beachmasters who stood all day with the finish lines waist deep in the sea – much appreciated!

Thanks to all for the photos used (Bruce and Karen Dryburgh, VF Photography and Eskmuthe photographer)

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