North Berwick Host Second SCRA Youth Circuit Regatta

With the North Circuit having had a successful start with Deveron and Portsoy’s Junior Regatta in April, the Southern SCRA Youth Regatta Circuit got underway with North Berwick hosting their first ever Junior Rowing Regatta on Sunday 18 June.  Deveron Coastal Rowing Club made an impressive day trip from Banff with 11 Junior rowers and a support squad.  Firth of Clyde made the trip through from Largs with a small squad which they supplemented with others from the beach.  Eastern attended with a full squad including Fife’s only representative guesting fro

m Crail, and the hosts made up the contingent.  So there were four boats on the start of each race, and a special thanks must go to Boatie Blest, who attended without their Juniors who were not free, but with a skiff and coxwains to support the Deveron squad!



The race format was split.  Firstly we had four boats lining up for drag races of around 500m, starting half way out to Craiglieth Island and racing towards North Berwick harbour.  There was a race each for boys and for girls, and then two mixed crew races.  Results were as follows:


Race 1st 2nd 3rd
Girls North Berwick Eastern Deveron
Boys Firth of Clyde Deveron North Berwick
Mixed 1 Deveron North Berwick Eastern
Mixed 2 North Berwick Eastern Deveron

Following the sprints there were  short pursuit races.  Two crews raced at a  time, each racing the same clockwise course, but starting on opposites sides, facing opposite directions.  Each raced from the start finish line to a turning mark, crossed each other again whilst racing through the line to the other turning mark, before giving it their all to get back to the finish line.  This was for mixed crews.  Eastern won the first heat, with Deveron winning the second.  The crews stayed on the water before the final, which was the last race of the day and saw the visitors from Deveron prevailing.

Race Crews Winner
Semi Final 1 Eastern vs Firth of Clyde Eastern
Semi Final 2 Deveron vs St Baldred Deveron
Final Deveron vs Eastern Deveron
See the North Berwick RC report, and the photos on their Flikr Stream  for more of Ian’s photos and others.
The next regatta on the junior series will be part of the Ullapool Regatta on 8/9 July, where categories are offered in U17, U19 in Boys, Girls and mixed.  The next on the southern circuit will be at Largs on 15 July (entries to ASAP) .  Entries will be welcome from all clubs for these events, so please do encourage and facilitate your youngsters taking part.
All photos from Ian Mills.


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