SCRA Picnic Loch Lomond 24 September 2017

While some take the High Road, and others take the Low Road, we will be taking to the water to meet you at Luss on the Bonny Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond.

The day after Castle to Crane, we have the 2017 SCRA Picnic, which will be held on the beach at Luss on Loch Lomond between 1230 and 1345 on Sunday 24 September.  We hope that many coastal rowers will migrate inland to enjoy the company which is being assembled.  It is a grand opportunity for those who prefer a life less competitive, for those who did not manage to get a seat in their club boats for C2C, clubs who sadly missed out on a spot for their St Ayles in the Glasgow Cup, and those who have travelled a long way to row in Scotland, and rightly feel they should get as much rowing in as they can while they are in the area!

Luss, looking SE. Photo from Ian Mills

As illustrated by Ian Mills’ photos the Loch is a stunningly beautiful place which has to be explored by boat.  The Loch is the largest body of fresh water by surface area in Great Britain, so there is plenty of scope for exploration.

The SCRA picnic is self supported on the water and each crew is entirely responsible for getting themselves safely to the picnic site by water, and for that matter determining that their boat is suitable for the trip and the conditions are bearable by the crew.

Boats should launch at the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway, Pier Road, Balloch G83 8QX (tel 01389 722030, Ch16 and Ch80).   A fee will be payable if the slip is used, but will not be payable if you are able to lift your boat off its trailer and carry it over onto the beach at Loch Lomond shores.  It is approximately 12km to row from there to Luss.

Loch Lomond Sailing Club are a friendly bunch but are very busy that weekend with a big dinghy championships, so please don’t try to launch at the sailing club, as you will very much get in the way.


Bring your own picnics, and impress other crews with your culinary excellence.  If you have forgotten the mayo there is a shop in Luss, and there are cafes for the purchase of hot drinks.  Non rowing friends can of course catch up with you in Luss which is just off the A82, and it is of course possible to change crews for the return journey, or indeed swap crew members with other clubs.

Meet on the beach North of the pier (leaving the pier clear for the ferry).  We should try to make a spectacle of a mass depart together at 1.45.


Be Aware of the Loch Lomond Bye-Laws, which include a chapter on navigation.

OS Map:  Landranger Sheet 56 covers the whole loch at 1:50000

Admiralty Chart:  5077, if you are lucky enough to find a copy, covers the Loch.

Loch Lomond Guide to Navigation:  This is the most useful resource, a series of chartlets with all the information you will need to navigate.  We are looking for it online, but have not found it.  Try ordering a copy by phoning the national park on 01389 722030

VHF:  Channel 9.  Keep a listening watch on this channel and use it to call other craft in the fleet

Most importantly, please make sure you make a good impression on behalf of all coastal rowers, and leave the beach and loch at least as pristine as you find it, or more pristine than you find it if it needs it.



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