rowingthewaves – Shieldaig and Ullapool Surveys

when things get confusing…

Because we like a challenge, we’re running two surveys simultaneously.

The first, is for Ullapool Regatta attendees, the second is for Shieldaig Regatta attendees.

What makes it worse is that the surveys include the same questions!

To help keep things clear, the surveys have different links, and different passwords:

for those who attended #Ullapool regatta in July the link is:   and the password is ‘rowing

for those who attended #Shieldaigregatta in August the link is:  and the password is ‘shieldaig

We would be very grateful if you would spare the time to complete the surveys – they should each take around 10 minutes to complete!

Thank you very much for your support with this – hopefully see you soon!
Nina and Jen,

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