Queensferry Crossing Opening Ceremony – Flotilla 1030 – 1215 Monday 4 September 2017

Flotilla Joining Form 2017

Some of you have expressed an interest in the Opening of the new Queensferry Crossing. Attached is a Joining Proforma for the event if you wish to attend. I want to stress that this is not a Queensferry Rowing Club Event but I am happy to do a bit of coordinating for those of you who wish to take part. The organiser initially asked that a power boat should attend each pair of skiffs but he has now relented. He asks that we have power boat cover and the skiffs stay in fairly close formation.

Basic details I have are that it will be a truncated version of the 2014 50th Anniversary Flotilla just circumnavigating the new crossing 2 or 3 times dependant on weather and number of participants.
Timings will be dictated by the arrival of the Royal Party as the flotilla will be providing a salute as the ribbon is cut and then providing the backdrop to the flypast of the Red Arrows. Vessels should be in the vicinity (afloat) of Port Edgar no later than 1045hrs. High water is 1441hrs.
Visiting skiffs will need to pay the £10.00 launch fee to Port Edgar. If you intend to join us will you please let me know.
Kind regards,
Peter Locke

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