St Ayles Skiffs at the Great River Race

The Great River Race is a fantastic spectacle, with hunners of fixed seat rowing boats riding the tide from the Docks up to Richmond on the River Thames in London.  Every year there are some St Ayles skiffs taking part, and Jordan Boats has presented a trophy for them to race for.  The trophy is given to the fastest St Ayles on handicap,  rather than simply being the fastest over the course, so that neither age not gender will be a barrier to a crew winning it.

The Trophy is currently in the hands of Dutch club WSV Woudrichem, who have every intention or retaining it.  The club is sending three crews, one made up of juniors, one of men and one mixed crew.   A second Dutch Club, Heusden will also be sending a skiff. The two skiffs based at Langstone in Hampshire, Bella and Bonnie, will also be there as will Lynn Rewet and Ouse Rewet from Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

Fife is sending down three crews, two from St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club and one from St Ayles Rowing Club of Anstruther.  Given the links with the rowing the waves project, SCRA have received a letter of support for St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club from the Director of the Royal Geographical Society, Dr Rita Gardner!  She wishes St Andrews well for the race, and goes on to give advice that all crews should follow:

“The Society has a long tradition of supporting expeditions that enhance our understanding of our physical and human environments.  I would like to encourage all the participants to share the geographical stories of the riverscapes they pass through, while rowing the thirty one mile stretch of the River Thames from Millwall to Teddington, when they return, tired, but with a greater sense of wonder for this magnificent river and the city it meanders through.”

We will publish a link to the Great River Race Results 2017 as soon as they are available.


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