Queensferry Crossing Royal Opening Monday 4 September 2017

There was a short notification period for this event but when the brief details were posted on the SCRA web site the notifications from Clubs wishing to attend came flooding in! Initially the Flotilla Manager, Rob Thomson asked that each pair of skiffs should be accompanied by a motor boat. It was politely pointed out to him that we had managed the 2014 Golden Anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge without such extensive cover and he relented allowing us to be escorted by Queensferry’s John Howell and his crew in the committee boat ‘Faithful’

Clubs arrived in good time and enjoyed a cuppa and a bacon roll at our shed prior to taking to the water before 10.00am in time to join our column at 10.30am. We had a total of 17 skiffs from pairs, Queensferry and North Queensferry, North Berwick, Eskmouthe, Golspie, and single skiffs from Kinghorn, Dunbar, Collieston, Portobello,

Newhaven, Troon and finally albeit a tad late a big well done to Eastern who rowed up from Portobello and joined the Flotilla in time for the big opening then rowed back after the event. I never saw them but was made aware that they were there. Well done!

After some mild jostling, we joined our column led by White Wing from the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther. It was good to have a blether with Dave from the Fyfie early in the morning. The mood was buoyant and the skiffs were magnificent in their column and on the signal when the Queen cut the ribbon we hoisted oars and made a great deal of noise with the rest of the flotilla. This mwas followed by the fly past of the Red Arrows. Always an attraction.

After the Queen drove over the new crossing to the sound of horns, klaxons and cheering the lead vessel gave the order to disperse to home ports and there was the usual wonderful camaraderie of helping each other off the water and loading boats back onto trailers. Back to the shed to avoid the heavy rain but who cared now! Some enjoyed a hog roast roll courtesy of Port Edgar Yacht Club. There was evidence of some skiffs having enjoyed a bottle of fizz although I was told it was found floating in the Forth!

An historic event and our skiffs and our wonderful sport were to the fore and gave such a good account of ourselves. I want to thank you all for your participation, your enthusiasm and your friendship.  Thank you to Rob Thompson for organising the event.

Please visit our web site www.queensferryrowing.org and look at the many photos on the flickr page taken by our snapper, Barbara Agnew. Thanks Barbara.


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