Nith Navigation Race Results 2017

The 2017 Nith Navigation Race day dawned a bit wild and woolly, with briefing and bacon rolls in the Nith Hotel this year (as the cafe burnt down 2 days after last years race) watching the rain and the tide coming in, in it’s ferocious way.
After the usual busy start it was obvious that Skettrick meant business, as they rowed at least 400 meters down stream against the 4 knot tide then wound up to an incredible speed with the bow wave crackling more like a destroyer. They kept this up all the way, arriving in Dumfries first with all the other boats close behind having to use several arches of the bridges at the same time.  Annan rowed well managing to hold off the pack of skiffs until after the Kingholm Quay when they started to find the going a bit tough.
But Skettrick have set a great time for the 6 miles of the Nith,  48 minutes 15 seconds (around 8.1 miles per hour……  we love that tidal bore), not far off the current St Ayles record of 45;30 set by North ‘Queensferry in 2014.
This year all boats carried a sample of the cargo’s that used to be brought into Dumfries which had to be delivered at the finish, timber from Canada, Slate from Wales, Port from Portugal and Wine and Brandy from France and of course Tobacco from Virginia and many more.
The sun actually came out for the finish in Dumfries and after a break several crews rowed back to Glencaple to build up the miles before the Castle to Crane Race.  Crews then mustered again at the Swan for the prize giving……….. what a race with every crew putting everything in.
CLUB Total time Position
Sketrick 48.15             1
Killiley 50.05             2
RWS  Jolly boat 50.10             3
Carrick 51.45             4
FOCRC 54.15             5
Royal West 1 59.15             6
Annan 1 60.45             7
Renegade DNF
Annan 2 DNS

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