Forty Five Miles in a Day – Celebrate December with Woudrichem round Altena


We all love to row round our island, but how does that feel if your Island has a 45 mile circumference? Woudrichem have invited skiffies from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland as well as neightbours Heusden and Gorinchem  to join them to find out.  In December.  The event is a fundraiser for “Serious Request”.  The club have been in touch to tell us about the event:

What’s Serious Request?
Every year, a week before Christmas there is a national fund-raising for the Red Cross organized by radio 3FM. This year the money will be used to re-unite parents and children who lost each other in a war or a disaster. We will raise money by rowing for this charity.

What’s the challenge? We’ll row around the island Altena. 45 miles in one day! We row in relay so don’t be afraid you won’t make it.


8.00am start at Arkade WSV Woudrichem
5.30pm finish
5.30pm free dinner at our clubhouse Arkade
6.30pm visit to historic marina where all ships will be lit
8.00pm ‘Winter Wonder Woudrichem’ in town
10.00pm the clubhouse is open to party


We try to keep costs for rowers very low by having sponsors for lunch and dinner during the row tour. There is a tip jar for hiring the partyship.
We expect from each participant a minimum of €10 donation for charity.

Where to stay:
We can imagine UK participates fly in on Friday evening and return on Sunday (daytime or evening).
We arrange (free) staying with our rowing members like last time.
Our members will welcome you in their home where you can sleep and enjoy our hospitality. For diehards it’s always possible to stay on a campsite haha.

Want to take part in this spectacle challenge?
Enter now!
To enter this row tour (or for further information) email with the subject line: Registration Serious Request 2017

Closing date for entries is 1th December!



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