SCRA Annual General Meeting – Minutes October 2016

SCRA AGM 2016 Minutes



AGM 29.10.2016

At the Loch Tummel Sailing Club

At 1735hrs

Clubs and Individual Members Present:

An Eathar; Anstruther; Avoch; Blakeney; Boatie Blest (P. S. & Cockenzie); Broughty Ferry; Bunillidh ; Carrick; Collieston; Crail; Cumbrae; Deveron; Dunbar ; Eastern ; Eskmuthe (Musselburgh); Firth of Clyde; Glasgow CRC ; Isle of Mull ; Isle of Seil RC; Kinghorn ; Langstone Cutters ; Newhaven ; North Berwick RC; Orkney ; Pittenweem; Portsoy; Rowporty (Portobello); Royal West of Scotland; South Queensferry; St. Andrews; Troon ; Ullapool CRC; Uist ; Wormit.


Findhorn CRC submitted apologies

Chanonry and Sutor Skiffies submitted apologies , Avoch appointed as proxy.

Minutes of the 2015 AGM

The Minutes from the 2015 AGM have been published and available for scrutiny – no hard copies available to circulate but these 2015 Minutes will be available on the website again shortly. These were proposed by Andrew Rendle and seconded by Topher Dawson and adopted.

Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising.

Treasurer’s Report:

Detailed accounts were tabled and the Treasurer spoke briefly to these.

Some specific points and explanations were raised and provided:

  • 53 Clubs and the finances in a healthy state
  • All our income comes from Club Membership Fees
  • Loch Insh Regatta Organisers Course cost SCRA £350;
  • Debit noted from AGM 2015 and sprint medals;
  • The 2015-16 accounts show purchase of a set of 16 inflatable race marks (some of which were used today) – these are available for clubs to hire
  • Insurance Costs .
  • Successful Cox Training event at Shawbost with trainers’ expenses.
  • SCRA provided the Worlds with £1000 seed money and £1600 for the purchase of medals. Skiffieworlds 2016 made a healthy profit (£3000) will be used as seed money for the next Worlds.
  • Balance at end September £3700
  • Subscriptions set at £60

The Accounts were subsequently formally approved.

Motion to be voted upon : “ To set the subscriptions to SCRA for 2016/2017 at £60 per club , with a rebate of £20 per club available to small clubs with less than 20 members”.

This motion was affirmed by concensus.

Convener’s Report:

The Convener summarised his report .

This has been a 6th Year of major growth with many new skiffs and several new clubs and continuing to grow with new friends and new events.

There are more than 50 members clubs and now 2500 to 3000 regular members – we are the Biggest Rowing Organisation in Scotland, rooted in coastal communities, from local friends and neighbours and supporting local and neighbour clubs.

This year we have to report the capsize of a skiff in a race – reported to the SCRA Committee – we are pleased to report that there were no ill effects to crew or the skiff – the incident was discussed by the committee and a Safety Note published. It had been an unusual event with unusual wind and tide and would not have happened had it not been a race. It highlighted the importance of pre-planning and assessment of risk, the importance of being prepared for a change in conditions.

An Incident Report was sent to the SCRA and the committee issued guidance.

The Second Skiffieworlds was a huge commitment by the organising committee with assistance from members of the SCRA Committee and was a very successful event and we offer thanks to those who looked after us. We acknowledge all those who helped as well as those who rowed.

This was a huge effort and one of the reasons for retaining a 3 year cycle for the Worlds event , the others include that clubs put in a huge effort as well and fewer people have attended local events and regattas

The Convener made a presentation to the Cross Party Working Group on Marine Tourism and Recreational Boating at the Scottish Parliament. Those attending were impressed with the details of growth of Coastal Rowing and the facts that 53% of participants are female, 75% are new to marine activities and 90% are new to rowing.

The SCRA has representation on the CPWG and the convener and secretary attend meetings.

The Convener has held meetings with British Rowing and Scottish Rowing.

A new class has been introduced – the PICNIC Class which is hoped will further foster relations with boat builders – this is constitutionally part of what we do and may give greater opportunity for community boat builders to extend their range.

It has been a busy year – and next year?

Time to build your local events and let Sue know your dates and locations, this past year we have 4 events going on on the same day.

April, May and June would be months offering less cluttered schedules

We would look to building within your communities and bringing through rowers, South Queensferry have held a community rowing event.

Clubs may wish to travel to a couple of events further away and talk to the outlying island clubs.

Touring logs – get out as a club or join with other clubs.

Next Year, we will start the process for finding the location for next Worlds and will issue an invitation to clubs to submit a Note of Interest for their area, somewhere where fair and equal racing may be held with 12 to 15 lanes and a distance of 1 kilometre with a turn.

There were no questions and the Convener’s report was accepted.

Election of Officers and Committee.

The Convener wished to pass on thanks for the valuable work that Karen Burrows had done on the committee and in particular excellent work on the website.

Cameron Hughes had been co-opted to the committee to replace Karen and deal with publicity.

Thanks also to Audrey who is taking a break from the Committee.

The remaining members had expressed their willingness to continue and with no other nominations the committee positions were affirmed by the members

The following committee members were elected by affirmation:

Robbie Wightman (North Berwick) Convenor

Topher Dawson (Ullapool) Treasurer

Andrew Rendle (St Andrews)  Secretary

Ali Grant (RowPorty) Coaching Rep

Wendy Clements (Portsoy)

Stuart Mack (Boatie Blest)

Richard Wemyss (St Ayles Anstruther and SFM)

Cameron Hughes (FOCCR) (Publicity)

Sue Fenton (Isle of Seil)

Fergus Forsyth (Carrick)

Any further applications should be routed through the Secretary.

World Championships 2016 Survey Questionnaire

108 questionnaires sent out; 57 returned (not all SCRA clubs returned) 42 skiffs took part + folk from other clubs too.

Q1 If your club did not take part in the Worlds 2016 was it because of:

1. Cost 30%

2. Not enough people interested in going from the club 56%

3. Other reasons (like skiff not built yet, weddings!) 32%

Q2 How many coxes/rowers in your team?

>5    11%

6-10  11%

11-20 38%

21-30 14%

>31    20%

Q3 Were enough race categories offered?

Yes 89%

Pleas for more older categories viz over 70. and more for younger rowers

Q4 Was the race/type length suitable?

Yes 84%

Q5 Was the umpiring fair?

Yes 97%

Q6 did the venue fulfll the demands of the championship

8/10 was the average score 

Specific points sent back to Ireland washup

Q7 Expedition element (Strangford/Delamont) – should it be repeated?

Yes 95%

Q8 Were there enough social events?

Yes 70%

Q9 Continue three year cycle for worlds?

Yes 78%

Nos said two, four (to coincide with olympic years) or five years

Q10 was open-ended, asking for views for the future.

Formation of an International Association

  1. Other National Associations have been formed and these need to be in place prior to the setting up an International Association and hope to report on progress at the next AGM.

  2. The reasons for setting up the International Association have been reinforced this year and is essential to have and enforce a united set of world-wide measurement rules.

    Measurement Rules Update


Measurement Rules require to be review from time to time and the Committee sent out a request for observations from individuals in Scotland and international clubs.

From comments received, it was apparent that some rules required clarification – this has been issued with respect to the area of the rudder in the water and use of metal in oars.

It is likely that the rudder rule may be reviewed.

The onus has been on each club turning up to regattas with compliant skiffs and equipment – in such a situation the only recourse for the organisers would be to disqualify a non-compliant skiff which may have travelled some distance.

The 2017 Rules have been amended to allow organisers to impose time penalties as described in Rule 10.9.2 “Where a transgression of the measurement rules does not cause an immediate safety concern and the transgression cannot reasonably be rectified before the race starts , the referee may use their discretion to permit the crew to race, but shall impose a time penalty after the race is finished of 30 seconds per kilometre of distance raced.”

The recurring theme encountered during feedback from clubs and individuals has been the desire for there to be “a level playing field”.

When St Ayles Skiffs were first appeared the hull worked but the oars and oarlocks did not work. Builders spent some time and effort developing a wide range of solutions. This is a difficult situation for newcomer clubs to get used to.

In areas where St Ayles skiffs are rowed by Gig rowers – there is some criticism about there being a confusing and dismaying level of different equipment, in other areas carbon-fibre oars and plastic swivels are used, whereas in general we build oars ourselves.

It is proper for us to explore something that is similar for all and that is why we are putting forward the resolution for a group to be formed to draw on experience and knowledge to consult and come up with a solution to be adopted .

Contributions were invited from the floor.

Crail – worries about standardisation – different motions in different parts of the country

Eastern – would like to have a dialogue

BF – standardising gives fair playing field

Dunbar – reluctant to change – query on transitional arrangements

Crail – no advantage with one particular design – no wish to standardise

Mike Gilbert – does not matter as long as it remains traditional, support guidance for new clubs going forward.

Eskmuthe – confusing – trialling this coming year seems ambitious.

Some clubs will be asked to carry out the trials and exemption certificates will be granted during the development phase.

Troon – concern that standardisation will not take into account different sea and weather conditions.

Portsoy – Is it possible to standardise on 1 or 2 options? Will be up to the development group.

Boatie Blest – who choses the International Committee?

= drawn from Scottish and International Associations.

TD – commence with large email group in different places – possibly reconvene technical issues group – a small group to take issue forward.

Troon – is there an option for the status quo?

Motion to be voted upon:-

“ St.Ayles skiffs have a great variety of oars and oarlock systems and feedback to the committee on balance shows a desire to move toward a more tightly specified design so that all rowers are competing with the same effective equipment. We propose that an international group be set up, to consult widely and propose a common design for oars and oarlock, to be trialled over the 2017 season with a view to reporting on any recommendations (including any recommendations for any transitional arrangements) to National Associations by October 2017.

Votes cast in favour of the motion 27

Votes cast against the motion 9

Avoch cast proxy votes on behalf of Chanonry and Sutor Skiffies

The Committee will move towards setting up an International group to to report back in 2017.

Any Other Competent Business:

Professor Nina Laurie (St Andrews) was introduced to the members and a brief outline given on a Post-Doctoral Research Project “Rowing the Waves” which focuses on the impacts of Coastal Rowing on community development in Scotland.

No other competent business had been notified.

The meeting closed at 1900.

Andrew Rendle

Secretary SCRA 2016 AGM Minutes

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