At the going down of the sun….

………. and in the morning,   We will remember them.



We have the good fortune to enjoy the sea for leisure and recreation.  The sea joins our communities together, along out coasts and internationally.

As Armistice Day approaches, it is time to spare a thought for those who went before us, and who faced dangers on the sea so that we can enjoy our freedoms today.   Many required to go to sea during war.  A large number of men from our communities served in the Royal Navy.  Others served in the Merchant Navy, supplying the country and transporting troops and evacuees.  Some continued to fish, putting food onto tables, with some extra duties added in.  All faced the risk of attack from above and below to add to the perils that they already endured in challenging conditions.  Some went to sea and did not come back, making the ultimate sacrifice.  Those who did come back made sacrifices of their own.  All required courage and fortitude.  Think of them all, lest we forget.

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