Frostbite Regatta Kinghorn

Preparations started way before the day with willing volunteers within the members who agreed to made it a” good social day for everyone “with a bit of a competitive edge “.  So we had to have Andrew Rendle there to ensure scoring was spot on!  The crunch came the day before with a “Pitch Inspection”.  There was NO ICE on Kinghorn Loch on Saturday…… great!….. and so we let the other clubs know that we are good to go ahead with the mini regatta.

Thanks to Wormit, Pittenweem, North Queensferry and Newhaven Coastal Rowing Clubs for joining us in our first ‘frostbite’ regatta.Kinghorn

Everyone had a great day at Kinghorn Loch where Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club held their first regatta of the year…under the snow.

It was great to see the clubs braving the cold and snow for a great day on Kinghorn Loch, an ideal venue for this kind of winter event with easy launching and relatively sheltered water. It is a well-used community asset enjoyed by the rowers, the sailing club, canoe club, model radio-controlled yachts and open water swimmers. On the banks can be found carp fishermen, bird watchers and a number of attractive walks.

All things came to pass and we had a splendid afternoon – in the snow!

Five boats in the water plus another club who sent oarspersons to join in the rowing.  Five timed races on a circuit of the Loch and two straight sprints. A very jolly afternoon.  The general opinion is that we must make it an annual event.

The skiffs were

The Flying Boat Wormit –

Yolande Kinghorn

Wee Michael Newhaven

Ferry Sonnet North Queensferry

Catalina Wormit

Also with Pittenween Rowers

The winners of the time trial of the day were Newhaven who declared

“What a fantastic day we have had today. It was an intrepid crew of 6 that headed north to Kinghorn loch and some friendly time trials and sprints. It was very cold as we set off – but we were met by the friendly faces and fantastic catering of Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club. An easy boat launch thanks to a loan of their launch trolley (i could get on board with the idea of a system and slipway that works on the principle of tilt trolley and shove boat !) and we were off! A well organised event meant everyone who wanted to row – did – even those who came boatless! There was a limited amount of hanging around in the blizzard and short, sharp sprints meant we all kept as warm as possible. In the end – it turned out – we won! Cheesy grins all round from a surprised Newhaven crew who had rowed their thermal socks off and we are now very proudly in possession of a fantastic glass trophy – hand made by a very talented member of their club. Many thanks to Kinghorn to inviting us – racing in a blizzard is hugely invigorating and we’ve all had the best day! at Kinghorn Loch.


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