English St Ayles Skiff Series 2018

20 May 2018:  Hanseatic Festival Regatta King’s Lynn, (North Norfolk)

3 June 2018 Blyth Maritime Regatta (North East)

8 June 2018 Langstone Harbour Sprints  (Solent)

9 June 2018  Cockleshell Challenge from Eastney (Solent)

17th June 2018:  Round Hayling Rowing Race (Solent)




English Skiffies would like to invite St Ayles skiffs from England and beyond along to some racing events in the first half of the season.

First up we have the Hanseatic Festival Regatta at Kings Lynn, celebrating the maritime history of the area and the links with other members of the Hanseatic league an organisation which showed that the sea is something that unites us, rather than divides us………….. a concept that is really at the heart of what we do with our St Ayles skiffs.

Use the links above to contact the organisers or try admin@klcrc.club and get your entries in promptly (as there is a cap on entries)  There are three races, one each for men, women and mixed.  The races are each 2 miles along the waterfront, around and under a bridge starting and finishing off the historic Purfleet Quay and Customs House.    Crews are welcome to launch and use skiffs the day before for a bit of exploration.  The Norfolk Broads are fairly near at hand too, should there be a desire for a water borne tour before or after.

Blyth Coastal Rowing Club, to the North of Newcastle are running St Ayles skiff races as part of the Blyth Maritime Regatta.  We will add more details here when we have them, or contact the club through facebook.

Next up we have two days of rowing at Eastney on the South Coast, under the auspices of Eastney Cruising Association.

On the 9th June 2018 there are short sprints in Langstone Harbour for the one design classes, Cornish Pilot Gigs and St Ayles Skiffs, and on the 10th there is a multi class 7 mile race around one of the Solent forts in the “Cockleshell Challenge”.  Details in the poster above…..  please get in touch directly.

Finally in the same area and on the following weekend we have the Round Hayling Rowing Race on Sunday 17 June 2018:

Round Hayling Race

This is a testing 13 Mile race, where St Ayles Skiffs will have the chance to meet up with other classes of boats, including Pilot Gigs, Solent Galleys, Bursledon Gigs and Harker’s Yard Gigs.  It is organised by Langstone Adventure Rowing, Langstone Cutters Rowing Club and Langstone Cutters Gig Club.  The Round Hayling ‘Flag’ Rowing Race Starts and Finishes will be in the ‘New Cut’ on the North Side of the Hayling Island, proceeding in a clockwise direction around the Island, in order to row with the tidal flow along the sea front. Because the race is rowed over a course that includes 5 mile Solent Seafront section,  should the  wind speed and direction create safety issues a shorter (11 mile) ‘in harbour’ course is rowed inside the Chichester Harbour. Whatever the weather the race is rowed! Each boat must be equipped with a VHF radio and Competent Cox (age 18+) experienced at open sea rowing.  For fun, to provide a spectacle and for safety reasons, each boat is required to fly a 3’x2’ flag.  The Record Time for a St Ayles Skiff is held by CRA Blakeney. Full details are up on the website: www.roundhaylingrace.co.uk , contact the organisers directly to express your interest.

It would of course be great if Dutch, Scottish and Irish Crews could support some or all of these events as well as fellow English skiffies, in the hope that we can build up a widespread calendar of one design St Ayles Skiff racing events in England.  Please contact the SCRA secretary if you would like your St Ayles skiff event advertised as part of the series.

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