SCRA Green Flag Awards

In a new initiative, SCRA clubs can apply to be awarded a splendid green flag to recognise initiatives that reduce the impact of our events on the marine environment……  if possible leaving it in a better state than we find it.

If your club wants to get their hands on one of these prized trophies, the procedure is very simple.  After your event submit a report (with results and a few photos) for publication on this website.  In the report just give us a couple of sentences on the steps taken to reduce your impact on the environment, and how successful they were.  Send your report to .  Lovley green flags will then be awarded at the discretion of the SCRA committee.

By way of an example and to kick matters off Green Flags are going to be awarded to St Ayles Rowing Club of Anstruther and to Isle of Seil Coastal Rowing Club for innovations at their 2017 events.

Anstruther have always taken care to minimise their impact, and have been asking visitors to bring their own mugs with them to share in the Anstruther cake and tea splendour**.  They went further in 2017 by specifically putting one of their members in charge of recyicling any waste that was generated at their regatta. Rather than buying in any plastic they went to their local charity shop to buy up mugs, plates, cutlery really cheaply on the promise that they would donate it back after the event! 

Isle of Seil Coastal Rowing Club’s 2017 event was all about improving the local environment.  Rather than organising a regatta, for the last three years the club and visitors have mustered on local islands to clean them up.  The club are assisted in this endevour by a grant from a local trust, to whom the club sends in before-and-after pictures with coordinates, number of bags filled,  and number people involved.

** for those of you attending the SCRA development weekend at Anstruther, if you forget to bring your own mug, you will be able to purchase for the bargain price of £5 an SCRA mug for you to keep and impress your friends and family with when you get home.

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