Cork: Ocean to City Race 2018…… Join the St Ayles Fleet


Cork Ocean to City Race takes place on Saturday 2 June 2018.  For those not in the know, this is one of the greatest single day races for rowing boats in the world.  The Ocean course, which is suitable for boats like St Ayles skiffs, gives a huge variety of rowing conditions from sheltered harbour, out into the open sea, then back up through harbour narrows, across a potentially exposed sea loch, past a castle and up the river into Cork City centre.

We know that at least 10 St Ayles skiffs will be taking part in the 2018 Race, with the early bird entries coming showing crews from Down Coastal Rowing Association clubs being joined by crews from Eastern ARC (Edinburgh), St Ayles RC (Anstruther),  RowFlo (Lewis), Renegade (Ayrshire) and FOCCR (Ayshire).  This will make the St Ayles one of the biggest classes is this prestigious event.  There is a trophy for fastest St Ayles skiff, as well as various other awards open to the competitors.  Any St Ayles skiff taking part must comply with the international measurement rules for the class, including the need for wooden oars without spooned blades, and wooden fittings for the oarlocks.

A St Ayles is currently being built in Cork, so hopefully we will see a local entry from them too.  Please do think about joining them.  A good testing ground for the Castle to Crane Race, as well as being a fabulous event in its own right, and a grand road trip, worth phoning home about.  Regular entries accepted up until 13 May.  For more information and to enter go to the race website:

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