NEW: Youth Trophy for Castle to Crane Race

In celebration of Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, Castle to Crane Race is introducing a new trophy for the best performance by a crew whose rowers are all aged 25 or under.  The best performance will be judged across all classes and categories (except 50+!!).  When entering Castle to Crane Race simply tick the box to confirm that all rowers are under 25.  The cox must be over 16 (as per standard SCRA rules) but can be any age over that.  Rowers must be at least 14 years of age. Club captains should bear in mind the fairly arduous nature of the race in our relatively heavy boats, and ensure that the rowers are up to the challenge.  All these rowers will be very warmly welcomed into the community, so please spread the word and encourage them to join in.

So lets be having your entries, and lets ensure that our young members get a chance to take part in this fantastic challenge.  Enter by clicking on the logo below:

For clubs who don’t have sufficient boats for extra crews, or who have younger rowers who might not be ready for exposure to a 13 mile race, and indeed for anyone else who fancies a bit more time on the water, on Sunday 16 September we will be having a treasure hunt style expedition.  Crews will row up from the Riverside Museum into the City Centre, with some things to spot and clues to solve, all without pressure of time.  More information about Sunday activities to follow.

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