St Ayles in South Africa

Over the past few weeks we have been having a conversation with the Vice Commodore Paul Tomes of Hout Bay Yacht Club, just south of Cape Town.

The result of this was a meeting last night which was attended by approximately 60 people – 40 of whom were from outside the Yacht Club.

Paul’s report on the meeting…

Over 50 people attended our recent presentation to introduce the concept of adding coastal rowing to the waterborne activities at HBYC. The feedback was hugely positive … Hout Bay want to start rowing!…

Alec Jordan has also put us in touch with Robbie Wightman from the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association // and Patrick Groot, from the St Ayles Skiff Community Rowing Association of Australia // , both of whom have been immensely helpful as to the best way to set up our own coastal skiff rowing association in South Africa. Plus we have an invitation to enter a South African team in the 2019 St Ayles ‘Skiffie’ World Championships!… who’s game?

…can be found here

Coincidentally there was also interest from near Pietermaritzburg (where there is a very large dam) at the same time as Paul got in touch, and I have also spoken to another customer from a while back near East London who is interested.

So, another continent to be converted, and there is a high possibility of yet another after that! More news on that when things firm up.

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