Anster Regatta 2018

Friday 11th May, for those of you who have long memories, was still
Winter: cold, blowy, uncouth and unconducive to enjoying any kind of
great outdoors-ish activity, including rowing.
Saturday 12th dawned and the sun was cracking the flags. All day from
dawn to dusk. The sun shines upon the righteous!


It began with Sheila doing her Carmina Banana act on the road
outside the fabulous pop-up club tearoom in the Sun Tavern. Luckily
there was no traffic at the time…

Karen Traffic, meanwhile, had organised her car park the evening before in the bitter
cold aforementioned, and heaven help anyone who tried to slip past the
sandbagged barriers. No shorter shrift has been known to man/womankind.
This meant that all visiting rowers/towers/ skiffs could easily access the beach in a
day-tripper fish&chippy seaside town where the parking ain’t easy.

After Coxes’ Briefing, where, from the East Pier it looked like 90% of the teams were both
coxing and rowing, the racing got underway…
so efficiently that proceedings had ended and gazebos been struck well within
the programmed time. Smooth running or what!

Farthest flung team was Helmsdale who, according to Karen Traffic’s very on-trend sign,

travelled 217 miles to be with us with Crail coming the least distance at 4 miles.
There was a small drama when Arran, during the Women’s Open, appropriated one of the
course buoys (minus sinker) but the Mighty Flynn was on hand to replace it with a spare!
“Just move it out a bit” someone said.

Apart from Collieston winning the Mixed Novice Race and Broughty the
Men’s Open and the Women’s 60+ it was a clean sweep for Port Seton
& Cockenzie, who looked like thorougbreds throughout.

The prize-giving took place later at Legends, with medals being handed
out by the Fisher Lad and a major sponsor of Anstruther St Ayles,
Elizabeth Gordon from the Community Kist.
He may only be young, but the Fisher Lad did his bit with aplomb.
There was the usual bit of a perty afterwards…

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