Comply with the St Ayles Skiff Measurement Rules

Carbon Oars with Spoon Blades…… not permitted in racing. (Photo credit, 2010, Peter Nisbet, SCRA Flickr)

It is always the right time  to remind all users and builders of St Ayles skiffs of the importance of complying with the St Ayles Skiff measurement Rules.  The rules apply in any event where you are racing with other St Ayles skiffs from other clubs or groups.  As part of our community, other skiff rowers will expect you to at least try to comply with the rules to achieve a fair comparison between crews.  This applies worldwide and in every event where you might meet skiffs from other clubs, including for the avoidance of doubt multi class events such as the Great River Race, Castle to Crane and Ocean to City.

As the international class association, we are conscious that the rules of some events may not specify anything with regard to complying with measurement rules, and that therefore that event may not apply a sanction, other than the disappointment of other members of our world wide St Ayles skiff community.  Therefore the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association will apply a sanction where groups have not made an attempt to comply with the measurement rules.  As the transgressor is effectively saying that they do not require to comply with the spirit and rules of our community, they will not be allowed to take part in events organised for or by our community.  Specifically, entries will not be accepted from any such group for Skiffieworlds or for Castle to Crane,  and we would encourage all St Ayles skiff event organisers to adopt a similar stance.

[Note:  Any reasonable adaptation to allow a rower with disabilities to compete equally is excused from the measurement rules, while  that rower is competing.   Any such adaptation will be individual to the individual rower.  If in doubt about this exception, and how it should apply to you or one of your members, please e mail the secretary of SCRA. ]

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