Eskmuthe was blessed with mild, dry weather for its first ‘proper’ regatta since 2015 on the Back Sands in Musselburgh. [The Rowing of the Marches took place as part of the historic boundary-marking ceremony Riding of the Marches in 2016 and last year was just too busy].

Clubs came from near and far – RowPorty and Eastern rowed the 15-20 minutes along the coast, while Islay made the massive trip from off the west coast, which was much appreciated.

Islay put in a very strong showing, but it was two local clubs, Eastern and North Berwick, who contested the places and took home the majority of the medals. Eastern took first place in every event they entered, with North Berwick second in all those races. RowPorty took home the gold in the Novice race, with Islay second.

Newhaven, who came with just five rowers, came 3rd from 7 in the blindfold race, a great achievement as each rower took part in several of the races, which were just over 1km. [The rowers were blindfolded, but not the cox, just for the record].

The best time was recorded in the Men’s Open, with Eastern coming home in a superb 6m, 8.61 secs, while the 220-plus race was the most hotly contested. Eastern won in 6m 38.43 seconds, but only three seconds separated the next three boats, with North Berwick just pipping Islay and home club Eskmuthe.

Kinghorn had their best finish in the Mix-up relay, coming 3rd, behind, yes, Eastern and North Berwick. Rowers from every club took home crocheted mussel-shell medals for their part in the race, apart from Newhaven. Their rowers were understandably too exhausted to take part, but they provided a cox to allow 56 different rowers (and 7 coxes) to participate in the final race of the day.

Eskmuthe would like to thank everyone for taking part in such a good spirit and hope everyone enjoyed the friendly regatta in The Honest Toun.

The club would also like to thank all members who were involved in the months of planning and organising, which paid off with a great day. See you again next year – or maybe in 2020!


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