Rowers Rub – Comfort for Rowers

The manufacturers of Rowers Rub have very kindly sponsored prizes at the Castle to Crane Race this year.  We are told that Rowers Rub is the best natural solution to sores and abrasion on the skin from endurance and intense sport activity. It has been developed by a rower particularly for fixed set traditional rowers, and is an effective natural chemical free environmentally friendly product.

At the Castle to Crane race Rowers Rub will be selling merchandise at Riverside and are also supporting the event with a pilot gig entry,  and thus would like to make Skiffie clubs aware of Rowers Rub.  Why wait though?  If you are finding the odd sore bit or skin abrasion from your Castle to Crane training you might benefit from buying your rowers rub right now.  Leaping Fish are offering SCRA club members a 10% online discount by registering their club with them at .


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