Tasmanian Skiffie Adventure 2019 – Get Involved

Every two years since 2007, the Living Boat Trust in the small town of Franklin in southern Tasmania organises a fully supported small boat expedition timed to arrive in Hobart for the start of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. The Tawenunnugah Raid is on again in 2019 (30 January to 8 February) and the LBT invites skiffies from all over the world to join them.

You don’t need to bring your own skiff – the LBT can source skiffs for a group or find places for rowers on a skiff with an experienced skipper. The Raid goes for 10-days but it is not an endurance event – you don’t have to row all the way unless you want to. Options offered include rowing only, sailing and rowing on a skiff with a sail or even sailing all the way on a whaleboat or another of the LBT’s fleet of small boats.

The organisers say the spirit of tawe nunnugah is all about good seamanship sailing or rowing in small open craft. Throughout the journey the fleet is accompanied by yachts and fast-response safety boats ready to stand-by, tow or assist if any of the fleet is in trouble.

The tn19 expedition is catered, with a chef and land-based support crew setting up the site to welcome the fleet after their day on the water. Tents and spare clothes are carried by truck so even if hit by a southerly squall everyone can get warm and dry. Each night shared experiences of the day are exaggerated over a hot meal and a convivial glass at spectacular campsites, many on private land and otherwise inaccessible.

Lunch and fresh coffee at Smokehouse Bay

Many skiffies from the UK participated in the Raid in 2017 and were a great addition to the fleet. The LBT hopes more will come in 2019. You might think it’s a long way to go for10 days on the water but there is more to it than just the 10-day tn19 expedition. The full program is:

29 January – Welcome Dinner at the Living Boat Trust

30 Jan to 8 February – 10-day tawe nunnugah tn19 Raid

8-11 February – Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, the largest wooden boat festival in the southern Hemisphere

11-14 February – 4-day Return Raid RR19 (Hobart to Franklin)

14-15 February – Franklin Homecoming Regatta including the 2019 Tasskiffie St Ayles Skiffs Championships (Tasmania)

If you want to learn more about it contact international St Ayles Skiff coach and tawe nunnugah regular, Ali Grant (coaching@scottishcoastalrowing.org)

To join the tn19 Raid or Return Raid go to the LBT web-site and submit an Expression of Interest:


Sails are raised at Kaiarara Bay

Photos: Murdo Macleod

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