Clydebuilt Sunday PhotoRow – 16 September

As a special treat this year, there is a chance to have a non-competitive row in company on the Sunday of the Clydebuilt Festival:  Welcome to the Clydebuilt Photo Competition Row. Your goal is to photograph each of 10 notable historic and cultural features visible from a boat on the Clyde. Crews will row to the designated sites and take a photograph to prove they did indeed visit the location. There will be prizes given to following categories of photograph:

  • Best overall photo (awarded on the basis of artistic and aesthetic quality)
  • Funniest photo
  • Best photograph of a fellow boat and crew
  • Best selfie (photograph must include at least part of the photographers face)
  • Best photograph of Clyde wildlife (Believe it or not, there is an abundance of wildlife along the Clyde)

Boats that are asked to Enter in Advance through the Clydebuilt Page  and we can then allocate some pontoon space to that boat at the end of Castle to Crane, and allow the crew to skip merrily away from the boat rather than having to lift it out.

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