Castle to Crane Results 2018

Congratulations to everyone who completed Castle to Crane Race 2018.  The full results can be found by clicking on:

Castle to Crane 2018 Results

The individual winners were as follows:

Bonniest Boat:  St Maur, Fingal Rowing Club

Youth Trophy:  Atlantic Challenge in Ralph Bird

St Ayles, Mixed 50+ :  WSV Woudrichem,  Grut & Groot 3

St Ayles, Men 50+ :  Orkney Gold

St Ayles, Women 50+ :  St Ayles, Chris O’Kinnaird

St Ayles, Mixed Open :  St Ayles (Anstruther), “St Ayles”

St Ayles, Men Open: Eastern, Sprite

St Ayles, Women Open:  Boatie Blest

Double Scull / Randan*:  North Berwick, Flossie (Teifi Skiff)

Shetland Yole*:  Orkney, Frideray

4+ Oars General*:  Royal West of Scotland ABC, Najad (Jolly Boat)

Pilot Gig*:  Ralph Bird, Atlantic Challenge-Wales

*times adjusted for age and gender before awarding the prize

The premier prize at Castle to Crane is the Median Trophy, which is awarded to a crew that represents the whole fleet.  The winners of the Median Trophy finish in the middle of the fleet.  We are delighted to announce that the winners of the Median Trophy in 2018 are:

Collieston Offshore Rowing Club in Admiral Redsocks

We look forward to welcoming back clubs, and saying hello to new clubs at Castle to Crane in 2019.  The provisional date for the Clydebuilt Festival in 2018 is…….

21 and 22 September 2019


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