The African Skiff

A few months ago I posted about Hout Bay Yacht Club – a few miles south of Cape Town in South Africa – getting ready to build a skiff. The first skiff has been cut in South Africa and is now under construction in the HBYC clubhouse. It is a pretty familiar scene in the picture, but one that marks a new chapter in Skiffiedom with it being the first build on the African continent.

HBYC has a very ambitious program to build the skiffs, and it is hoped that other Yacht Clubs and community groups in the country will join our world. There has been interest from other places in South Africa so hopefully there will be some competition going on before too long. My contact at HBYC is hoping that they will be able to raise a team to join us in Stranraer next July.

If you are reading this from elsewhere in Southern Africa and want to join in, the kits are available from:

CKD Boats
Hout Bay
+27 (0)21 790 3859

Alec Jordan

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