SCRA Picnic Class at Loch Tummel

There was a tremendous variety in the boats turning up for the picnic class races this year, including the first boat purposely designed with the rule in mind, the innovative catamaran “Daylight”.  The Picnic Class rules state that boats must be less than 5 meters long, and must have a sheer that is concave…..  that is like a smile.  They can be built of any material, but must be rowed fixed seat, and with the rowlocks at the gunnel, that is with no outriggers.  They are rowed by one person, but must be capable of carrying a passenger……..  and a picnic.

Daylight, built by Topher Dawson of Ullapool, performed well coming second in the men’s race despite having to row with a set of oars that were a bit on the short side after an earlier gear failure caused by an oar/ lump of rock interface issue earlier in the day.  The winner of the men’s race was Adam Graham in the veteran Royal West of Scotland Boat Club’s “Fifteen”, (which is from their “Sixteen” class, confusingly).  The positions were reversed in the ladies race, with Jan Dawson powering past the finish line in Daylight ahead of the rest of the fleet.  Other boats taking part were a Thames skiff from Kinghorn, a Wemyss Skiff from St Andrews, a faering from Queensferry, and a flattie built by Archipelago folkschool.


Full results as follows:


  1.  “Fifteen” RWSABC  1.55
  2.  “Daylight” Ullapool 2.03
  3.   “Swona”  Glasgow  2.35
  4. “Serraphina” Kinghorn 2.43
  5. “Puffin” St Andrews 3.05
  6. “Otter”  Queensferry 3.17



  1. “Daylight”  Ullapool 2.36
  2. “Fifteen” RWSABC 2.57
  3. “Swona” Glasgow 3.02
  4. “Puffin” St Andrews 3.07

The magnificent picnic basket trophy is awarded to the best boat over the two categories, and so this year it is shared between Royal West and Ullapool.

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