SCRA Thank You Quaichs 2018

At the SCRA AGM  some clubs and individuals who have added something to our sport above and beyond doing their own rowing or running their own clubs were recognised by being awarded quaichs with the SCRA logo embossed.  There are many who deserve such recognition, and we hope they all take pride in the work done by those who did receive their rewards this time round.  Those who  received SCRA Quaichs in 2018 are as follows:

St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club:  For helping to bring adaptive rowing to those who benefit from it, and willingly sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience with other clubs.  A group is being set up to share experiences of other clubs and individuals.  Get in touch with the SCRA secretary if you want to be added to the group.

David Tod, Fisheries Museum and St Ayles Coastal Rowing Club of Anstruther:  David was the Chairman of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project, and as a trustee of the Fisheries Museum worked with Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats to commission Iain Oughtred for a design for a community built Coastal Rowing Boat.  He retained his involvement through the St Ayles Rowing Club and remains hugely enthusiastic about the skiff and the benefits it brings.  As he says…..  “We have caught a tiger by the tail”.

Elsie Johnston and Shona Muirhead, on behalf of SCRA, present a Quaich to David Tod.


Royal West of Scotland Boat Club:  Several clubs help in the organisation of Castle to Crane, providing umpires, safety boats, and general volunteers.  However Royal West deserve to be singled out for a quaich because of the enthusiasm a large group of their members put into the race in the days leading up to race day, on the day and afterwards.  Wherever a volunteer at the start end of things was required, there was a good chance the position would be filled by one of their members.  As well as organising the start and supplying and crewing a safety boat, the club somehow managed to turn out crews to fill two St Ayles skiffs and two coxed four Jolly Boats.

Roisin Steele:  For making coastal rowing in Scotland more inclusive and in particular involving more and more young people.  Roisin’s enthusiasm through Deveron Coastal Rowing Club is central to the SCRA Youth Series.  She is always willing to help other clubs to develop their strategies for involving young people, and ensures that young people are involved in every aspect of her own club.

Loch Tummel Sailing Club:  For three years in a row LTSC have hosted us for our AGM and for the Freshwater sprints.  It really has proven to be the perfect venue for our season closing event.  Their club members cheerfully put in a hard days shift before putting in a hard evening’s shift and shutting down the clubhouse for the winter.  All the rowers appreciate the non-stop stream of hot food, hot drinks and cakes, all provided with a smile.  The Quaich was presented to reflect our gratitude for their hard work and warm welcome.

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