2019 Events

The 2019 SCRA regatta (plus other events) calendar is now published.  Other events will be added from time to time, and more detail may be added to some of the entries, so please do check for updates.

We do want to keep this as a comprehensive list of the huge amount of activity that goes on for St Ayles skiffs.  Please therefore ensure that your own event is up there by contacting Sue Fenton (scwfenton@gmail.com).  To help with planning for your 2018 events, we have archived a copy of the 2017 calendar here.

Please send results and a brief report to the SCRA within 24 hours of your regatta, so that folk can share their experiences and we can have a record of just how much racing has been done.  Remember to submit your Cruising Log, recording adventurous journeys you have made during the year or a non racing nature.

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