Safety Notice: Throwlines

The MAIB has been looking at throwlines, following a failure during a swimming pool exercise. Surprisingly it seems that the line in some throwbags is welded together with a weak join, rather then being made in one piece or spliced.

The MAIB found the following:

  • the failure of a throw bag rescue line during an emergency rescue operation in fast flowing and deep waters could potentially result in the casualty drowning
  • a large number of throw bags are in use in the UK, both in the leisure sector and emergency rescue services. However as throw bags are not considered safety or lifesaving equipment, there is no requirement to manufacture them to a specific safety or quality standard
  • at present, the only safeguard against poor and unsafe workmanship of throw bags is limited to the quality checks of the manufacturer; such checks lack third party oversight

Click on these links to see:

The MAIB report

The MAIB Safety Bulletin

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