Leopard launched at Hout Bay

On Sunday Hout Bay Yacht Club became the first club to launch a St Ayles Skiff from the African continent. With a piper following the skiff’s progress along the harbour to the slipway, along with scores of club members, more interest was created, which can be seen in videos on HBYC’s Facebook page.

Leopard was built by HBYC President Chris Sutton with many willing helpers, and it speaks highly of his dedication to the task that his hip operation was delayed so that he could finish the skiff on time. He returned from hospital quickly enough to be able to cox the skiff on her maiden voyage!

The skiff has created some interest in South Africa, with two crews from the Simons Town Coastal Rowing Club ( a sliding seat club) attending, and, I believe, a representative of Rowing South Africa. The pics below tell the rest of the story.

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