Coastal Rowing on the River Ayr

It is always a privilege to be involved in exploring a piece of water new to the rowing world. A partnership of South Ayrshire Council,The University of the West of Scotland and Ayr Academy are considering introducing various water sports to the River Ayr. To help with this Troon Coastal Rowing was invited to carry out a trial row. On  the 7th March Troon launched on the river and carried out rows both up river and down river. They are told that they were the first wooden boat on the river in fifty years.

Robert Burns, reminds us that at this time of year, creeping up rivers can be a good idea to get away from the stormy seas of the firth:

The tide-swoln firth, with sullen-sounding roar,
Through the still night dash’d hoarse along the shore. 
All else was hush’d as Nature’s closed e’e; 
The silent moon shone high o’er tower and tree; 
The chilly frost, beneath the silver beam, 
Crept, gently-crusting, o’er the glittering stream

Although to be fair, Burns might have been influenced a bit by drink when he was writing a poem describing the conversation between the Auld and New Bridges over the river.

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