Worlds – Entries Please and Volunteers for Umpiring etc

We hope that everyone is looking forward to Skiffieworlds at Stranraer as much as we are. The organisers are issuing two special pleas.

The first is to get your full entries in please. There is nothing as cheery as seeing the entries flood in. We had 70 expressions of interest of those intending to enter….. it would be good to convert them all into full entries before the deadline of Fifth May, and the sooner the better to keep the organisers excited. So, please get your entries in!

Secondly, we need to recruit volunteers who are going to help make the whole event the friendly, happy and efficient event that we all want it to be. If every club could supply three or four volunteers, that should be us most of the way there. There is a general call out for volunteers on the Skiffieworlds website. For general volunteering please contact Stranraer directly.

However for the umpire roles, it we would be grateful if you could let one of the Chief Umpires know of your availability by e mailing to advise what umpiring roles you would be happy to fulfill (eg Boat Umpire, Beachmaster, Start/ Finish Umpire and Assistant,Runner, Computer Genius…..although we will settle for competent rather than genius….. all to help with the timing and publishing of results). Please also let us know what days you will be available (as hopefully by now you will know what events, if any, you have made it through your club’s rigorous selection criteria to row in.) Volunteering is rewarding in itself, and without the commitment of a whole lot of folk we will not be able to run the event. So thanks in advance!

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