Nijkerk launch for Eighth Netherlands Skiff

On April 6th, sailing club ‘De Zuidwal’ in Nijkerk (a town in the middle of The Netherlands) launched its first St Ayles skiff (De Liefde, NL008). After a winter of hard work with several volunteers of the club, the skiff was finally finished. Correspondent Gerte Kedde writes “The result is amazing; she looks great. The whole building project was a pleasure for everyone who participated in it. Also the launch event was great. Lots of enthusiastic club members, graced by pipers who played the Scottish Anthem and of course whisky.”

After the launch the club held a rowing clinic, guided by the nearby well established and very well known club WSV Woudrichem. Good luck to the new skiff and her crews, and well done to all her builders. The great news is that the new club will be coming to Skiffieworlds at Stranraer in July with 10 rowers who are looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the skiff community.

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