Worlds: brush up on the rules – Categories

We are all looking forward to Skiffieworlds, which will be taking place in Stranraer in July. All the racing is held under the SCRA Rules of Racing. All club captains, coxes, coaches and rowers should take some time to familiarise themselves with these rules. We keep them short so that they will be read by all, and the answers to many of the FAQs that we receive are found in them. We are getting quite a few queries with regard to age and gender categories. The following explanations are to help you with understanding the rules.

Remember that age is the age on the first day of the regatta (rule 5.4.1)

Mix 280 + This category is calculated by adding the years of all the rowers (not including the cox) so that the total is 280 or above . This is full years only and cannot be calculated by adding months e.g. 69 years 4 months – this is not allowed, only the 69 years is included.

For other categories all rowers must be in that age category and not an average eg in the Women 50 + category, all rowers must be 50 or over.

Gender: Long before the recent controversy in other sports, we came to the view that as a community sport the gender of a rower is defined by the gender in which they live in their community (rule 5.5). We trust club captains on this, and will be very disappointed if that trust is ever abused.

Mixed Categories: In a mixed race there must be at least 2 female rowers and at least one male rower. The remaining seat may be taken by a rower of any gender or none.

Mens Races: There have, at other regattas, been women rowing in mens’ races to make up crews but we would prefer, this being a World Championships, that all clubs endeavour to have a full crew of men in the mens’ categories. There are generally rowers who are available from other clubs who will be willing to help a crew who may be in need. If the crew are unable to get a full crew then the umpire can make the decision on allowing a woman to row in the crew to ensure that the rest of the crew do not miss out on a race.

Mixed “B” Category: No one who is racing in the Mixed “A” category as a rower can row in the Mixed “B” category.

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