Racing at Skiffieworlds 2019

The schedule for races in Skiffieworlds 2019 has been published. There have been some minor tweaks from the draft schedule, in order to fit in the number of heats required. We are delighted to have over 700 crews entered to race at Stranraer, but it does mean we need to schedule around 100 races, so we are having by far the biggest regatta there has ever been for St Ayles skiffs. Those affected by the changes are those lucky enough to qualify for some of the finals, who will now find that their final is the day after their heat. Please check the schedule now (by clicking on the link above) so that you know when you are racing, particularly if you qualify for the final. Men Open Final is now on the Thursday, Women Open Final is on the Friday and Mixed Open A final is on the Saturday. Mixed 40+ final is on the Thursday. Men 50+ and Women 50+ finals are on the Friday. Mixed 50+ final is on the Wednesday. The lane draw, which will determine which heats crews are in, has yet to take place.

Your route to the final depends on how many heats there are in your category:

Where there are 16 or fewer entries in a category, there are no heats, just a straight final.

Where there are two heats, the first six or seven crews in each heat will progress to the final. You will be advised of whether it is 6 or 7 prior to the race commencing. Qualification for all finals is determined by position within the qualifying heat or repechage. Times between heats are not compared.

Where there are three heats, the first five crews in each heat will progress to the final.

Where there are four heats, the first three from each heat will progress straight to the final. Those placed fourth, fifth and sixth in each heat will progress to a repechage. This gives those crews a second chance to qualify for the final. The first three crews in the repechage will join the other qualifiers in the final.

We hope that you can join with us in celebrating the achievements of every club that attends the worlds. As in previous years there will though be a points competition across all events. The Trophy will be awarded for the most points garnered from finish positions. The best six results will count for each club.

Scottish Fisheries Museum trophy for the club winning the points competition
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