Shetland Regatta

Orkney Rowing Club (ORC) travelled to visit our north neighbours in Shetland to participate in the Bigton annual rowing regatta which was held on Saturday 1st June.  Bigton holds a special place in ORC’s heart as our first yoal, the Fridarey, was bought 5 years ago from Bigton Rowing Club.  She was built in 2005 by Fair Isle boat builder Ian Best who also built our yoal, the Rinansey in 2016.  Shetland yoals differ from St Ayles Skiffs as the yoals see 6 rowers spread evenly over 3 seats.

ORC had a group of twelve rowers participating in the regatta, the venue is the beautiful spot of St Ninian Isle on Shetland with gorgeous sandy beaches.

Orkney participated in 6 races and enjoyed every minute of the close sprint racing over a 1K course.

There were daytime activities including a BBQ, soup, sandwiches, teas and coffees, ice-cream, sand-castle competition and beer tent.  After the rowing, live music was provided by the splendid local band, David Sandison and the Tennessee Wannabees, whilst outside a beach bonfire provided warmth.

Unfortunately we won no trophies this time around, however there were some close and hotly contested races, with the veteran mixed race having 1 second between 1st and 3rd place, ORC coming 3rd.  We also gained 3rd place in the Veteran men’s race with two women in the crew.

Next year Orkney will host and we look forward to welcoming crews from Shetland to compete for the inter-island trophies.

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