Equipment Required for Racing

As well as four rowers and a cox, St Ayles skiffs racing at Skiffieworlds will require to carry the following equipment:

(a) A working hand held VHF radio. This is principally for listening, rather than transmitting. Umpires will give instructions to all crews over VHF, and the principal means of starting the race will be “Attention….. Go” broadcast over VHF.

(b) At least two means of efficiently bailing the boat.

(c) Personal Flotation Devices (either a lifejacket or a buoyancy aid) for each crew member. These must be worn by all crew members at all times. Bum Bag type lifejackets are acceptable, and can be worn to rear or side if preferred.

(d) A length of rope of at least 14mm diameter and at least 8 meters in length, securely attached to a strong point in the bow of the boat and capable of being used to tow boat with crew.

(e) An Anchor, together with a suitable chain and line of minimum 30 metres, giving a combined minimum weight of anchor, chain and line of 7kg, all as suitable for use in the conditions and area of use.

For other requirements under the racing rules, see the racing rules.

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